Insightfully, Anonymously, Holistically


Return on Investment, Diversity, Culture Fit

SymbaSync provides the tools necessary to improve your sourcing, analysis, and hiring processes.

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What You Experience

Easy Job Creation
No Job Descriptions

Fill in one fast form with skill preferences, workplace culture, and company information; SymbaSync creates the job profile for you.

Instant, Qualified Candidates
No False Matches

Top prospective candidates instantly appear on a leaderboard with clear data for you to decide: “Recruit” or “Reject.”

Recruit Your Candidate
No Wasted Time

Click “Recruit” and a SymbaSync e-mail is received by a prospect with the detailed match data, but the company hidden. If they’re interested, you’re the first to know.

A New Kind of Recruitment Tool

Optimizes Workforce

Ensure new hires are compatible with workplace culture, management style, work environment, and more.

Increases Diversity

Reduce unintended early-stage bias towards gender, ethnicity, race, academic pedigree, appearance, and more.

Broadens Talent Pool

Consider all skill & task history from active & passive job seekers anywhere in the world.

Accelerates Process

Only see top qualifying candidates, spam free, and with detailed data.

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