Insightfully, Anonymously, Holistically


Return on Investment, Diversity, Culture Fit

SymbaSync provides you with the tools to improve your sourcing, analysis, and hiring processes.

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What You Experience

Easy Job Creation
No Job Descriptions

Fill in one fast form with skill preferences, workplace culture, and company information; SymbaSync creates the job profile for you.

Instant, Qualified Candidates
Data Driven Matching

Top prospective candidates instantly appear on a leaderboard with clear data to help you decide: “Recruit” or “Reject.”

Recruit Your Candidate
No Wasted Time

Click “Start Recruitment” and a SymbaSync e-mail is received by the candidate with detailed job match data. Once the candidate accepts, you'll be the first to know and will be able to contact them to discuss further.

A New Kind of Recruitment Software

Optimizes Hiring

Ensure new hires are compatible with workplace culture, management style, work environment, and more.

Unbiased Hiring

Increase diversity & reduce unintended early-stage hiring bias towards gender, ethnicity, race, academic pedigree, appearance, and more.

Broadens Talent Pool

Consider all skill & task history from active & passive job seekers anywhere in the world.

Accelerates Process

Only see top qualifying candidates and with detailed job match data to help you make the best decisions.

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