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Companies on SymbaSync are hiring for all types of roles, but the majority of roles currently on SymbaSync are for Software Engineers, Product & Project Managers, Data Scientists, UX Designers, Accountants, Engineers & more! Once your SymbaSync profile is complete, you'll be eligible for job opportunities at all companies hiring on the platform, ranging from early-stage startups, to scaling tech companies with millions of users, to established enterprise companies. Sounds good? Click here to create your profile & start getting competitive job offers.
If you're looking for new job opportunities, SymbaSync is completely free. Once you register & complete your profile, you will be able to keep track of all job offers on a dashboard.
To get job matches on SymbaSync, you'll have to create and complete your profile. To speed up the process, you can register with your LinkedIn profile and we'll pull in your work history from there.
Your profile is kept anonymous until you decide to reveal your full profile to employers. Keeping candidate identities anonymous in the early stages is proven to reduce early-stage hiring bias, and it allows you to discover jobs without your current employer seeing you on our platform!
Because of the way our job matching algorithm works, we don't accept CV uploads. However, once you've completed your SymbaSync profile, you'll never have to write another CV again and your profile will be constantly matching with jobs on the system! To speed up the initial registration process, we recommend connecting your SymbaSync account with your LinkedIn account.
Yes! We only ask for information that we're confident will give you a higher chance of getting your ideal job matches. Your matches won't be negatively impacted by your preferences either, we'll just make sure you get the most relevant job matches for your skills & preferences.
No, we're a technology company! Leading companies around the world use SymbaSync to find their ideal candidates, due to the high accuracy of our algorithmic matching.
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Hiring on SymbaSync is simple. Create your account, post your job, and you'll be able to instantly start contacting top matching candidates. Click here to register and find your ideal candidates.
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