SymbaSync™ is a web-based software company creating realtime matching synergy between the workforce (PEDS or pedestrians) and organizations (ORGS) using our proprietary "LIVEMatch™" software.

LIVEMatch™ software uses survey questions and standardized job description terminology to calculate the percentage match of ORGS and PEDS. Matches are based primarily based on CULTURE, EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION, TRAINING, and APTITUDE. LIVEMatch is "Always Live, Always Matching;" so when an ORG logs into their portal, they are instantly connect with the ideal PED for their position. The results of this match are detailed in a SymbaSync Report™.

A SymbaSync Report™ is the world's first standard report showing "Quality-of-Match" percentages between ORGS and PEDS. In addition, it provides key bullet points of a PED's cultural preferences, experiences, training, and aptitude as it pertains to a position. From now on, an interviewer will say to a candidate and a candidate to an interviewer, "May I see your SymbaSync?"
SymbaSync's goal is to provide the highest quality match possible between organizations and individuals; therefore, optimizing performance and gratification. We do this using pure leadership (guided by Wooden's Pyramid of Success), a unified vision, and inspiration to produce miraculous innovations.