Our Mission

SymbaSync's mission is to be the global platform essential for connecting organizations and individuals to grow and prosper through their work.


SymbaSync takes a holistic values and merit based approach to job matching. SymbaSync’s anonymous job matching helps to reduce employee turnover costs, increase diversity in hiring, maximize productivity, and maximize job satisfaction!

SymbaSync = Symbiotic Synchronization

Symbiotic: The living together of two different species, often, but not necessarily, benefiting from each other.
Synchronization: To cause things to happen together, at the same time and speed.

Holistic Matching

SymbaSync allows both organizations and individuals to weight and rank key areas of importance, including: preferences in workplace culture and management style, educational background, aptitude test scores, psychological test scores, all of an individual’s skill and task history so they are considered for every position, and more. SymbaSync is “Always Live, Always Matching” so that you don’t have to search profiles or jobs, you are instantly paired with the top matches when you arrive.

Anonymous Matching

Organizations and Job Seekers never know who each other are until they agree to be matched, reducing bias in gender, race, ethnicity, academic pedigree, physical appearance, and brand name. Organizations select the top percentage of matched Job Seekers to receive an e-mailed SymbaSync Report with the details of the job match, but not of the company. Job Seekers review the details and click to express interest in being recruited.

Global, Active, and Passive

SymbaSync follows an entire career including changes in preferences giving companies of all sizes and budgets access to the BEST individuals for their organization anywhere in the world. In addition, non-active workers will find out about ideal matches for them, whether they are looking for a job or not.

No spam, No false positives, No job descriptions, No resumes

SymbaSync uses only standardized terminology so there is no confusion in job titles, tasks, skills, or anything else that is inputted into our system. If we don’t use the word, you can suggest it and we’ll add it if another more perfect word doesn’t exist. There is no need to tailor a resume for each job or a job description for each new opening, just keep your profile updated! Plus, our machine learning system will help you create the ultimate job profile based on industry trends.

Our Team

Joseph McElmeel
Co-Founder / CEO

Damodar Sojka
Co-Founder / CTO

Georges Petrequin
Marketing Manager

Guy Peleg
Business Development Manager


Thomas Musschoot
V.P of Component Sales & Marketing, General Kinematics Corporation
Former Director of Marketing and R&D;, General Kinematics Corporation

Kent Land
Former VP of Creative, The Phelps Agency
Former Head of Global Creative Services, World Vision International
Award Winner: U.S. Library of Congress, the Webby's, The Addy's, and more

Oscar Silberberg
U.K. Recruiter, Financial Sector

Monica Langa
Executive Recruiter, Fletcher Jones Ltd

Dr. Derek Paul
U.S.A. Former Chief of Standardization, U.S. Navy

Marlene Dugan
U.S.A. Former Executive Recruiter, Brooke Chase Associates, Inc.

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