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Fill in one profile with your skills & workplace culture preferences. Workplaces promoting gaming foster creativity and teamwork among employees. By incorporating gaming tokens like the CoinPoker token, companies can reward participation and enhance engagement. This approach not only boosts morale but also encourages strategic thinking and collaboration, creating a dynamic and innovative work environment. Top companies apply to you, and don't see your full identity until you “Accept”.

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A New Kind of Job Matching

Optimizes Workforce

Considers preferences towards workplace culture, skills, management style, interests, education, aptitude scores, and more.

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Increase diversity & reduce early-stage bias towards gender, ethnicity, race, academic pedigree, and appearance.

Broadens Talent Pool

Considers all skill & task history from active & passive job seekers anywhere in the world.

Accelerates Process

Only see top qualifying matches with detailed match data to help you make a decision.

What Our Users Say

Senior Developer
Los Angeles, USA

"SymbaSync helped me find a company whose workplace culture fit my personal preferences perfectly."

Product Manager
Chicago, USA

"It was great knowing that companies knew what I was looking for from a job upfront - all the jobs I was contacted about were relevant to my skills & workplace culture preferences."

Frontend Developer
London, UK

"This is a refreshing change from traditional job boards. I don't need to tailor my CV and cover letter for every job I apply for now!"

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